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Sep. 3rd, 2009



i got a new lj. there is no real reason for why i did, i just...felt like i needed a change. i will be, hopefully, using this new lj more often. but you never know. i do have a few ideas up my sleeve to get me going, so. add me!


thanks! love you all <3

Jun. 24th, 2009


life is better with your baby

i dare you to watch that and not smile. :)


ETA: btw, i'm leaving for michigan midday on friday and i'll be back late on sunday night. i won't have any form of internet with me the whole time i'm gone, but i will have my phone. i think only dana and colin and kendra know my number and can actually text me, though. but, yaknow. SO YEAH, YOU THREE. IF STUFF HAPPENS, I EXPECT TO BE UPDATED *STERN LOOK*

or just say hi. that's nice, too. :)

alright, well. i love you all and i'll miss you. i'll be turning twitter updates off, but i'll still twitter every now and then probably, so. i'll miss you guys!!


Jun. 8th, 2009



I fail at updating my LJ.

That is all.

:] <3

May. 28th, 2009


hey, everybody...

This ones my favorite Pictures, Images and Photos

smile :)

May. 18th, 2009


why do...?

why do babies scream so much? 'cause they want to hear their voice.

or maybe they want someone to hear them.

evan wont stop screaming. i am trying to write this huge paper that will make or break my grade in this class that i can't graduate without passing. i have four unit tests this week. finals the week after this one. i've got three projects due by friday. i tried out for this choir group that i've been wanting to be in since freshman year and i'm so nervous that i wont make it that i want to throw up. my priorities are so far from being straight, i just...

i need a break.

i wont be on until summer's here, most likely. maybe here and there, but.

don't expect too much.

minorcatastrophe23. gmail. most of you know it.

sorry. :[ ily all.

Apr. 27th, 2009



so, i got an update on my little cousin. they put him into an induced coma, which is what they do for head/brain injuries. and so he's been out pretty much since the accident happened (still can't believe how horrible the mom must feel, i feel so bad). apparently...well, his immediate family has been taking turns staying with him at the hospital and apparently the grandpa (my uncle) was watching him and he, like, lifted his hands and legs and his eyes rolled in back of his head. which is, yeah, a little 'Exorcist', but i guess that is a good thing because it means he's responding. and it also helps that he's got youth on his side, too. so...i think he'll get out of this. just, hopefully there's no serious long-lasting damage? i don't know if that's avoidable or not... :[

also, my cat. the cuts came back AGAIN. this time we have no money. so, i don't know what we're gonna do. :/

at least nothing's fatal...anymore lol. *not funny/fail*

Apr. 21st, 2009



Please keep my baby cousin in your thoughts. He fell out of a three story window today, onto concrete, and is in critical condition. I’ve only met the little guy, like, twice, but I know his mother and grandmother really well and I hate to see them suffering. Especially his mom, who was present when the accident happened (they were getting their windows replaced or something and one of the screens was apparently not secure enough, so he must have pushed on it and fell through). I know she’s feeling a lot of guilt over the whole situation and I truly feel so awful for them.


And then I think about Evan and. Jfc. It makes me sick to think about…how scary and tragic it must’ve been, so. Yeah. Just keep him in your thoughts? I’m still not sure how he’s doing. I know he didn’t die. I just. They could use all the hopes and prayers they can get.


thanks, guys <3

ETA: he's three. i just can't get over that. fuck.

Apr. 16th, 2009


so hush little baby, don't you cry :)

i feel helpless. i just want everything to get better. had a panic attack earlier, because i involve myself too much. just. i want people to smile. and be happy. so, here. a smile post. these calmed me down, so if they can brighten up your day, then yay. :)

ily all. probably too much lol, but. just remember that. <3

Mar. 29th, 2009



anyone wanna prompt me? i think i feel like writing. but i'm not sure. and i'll most likely end up hating whatever i write and getting upset with myself, but i figured that, while i'm in a positive mood, might as well try to be productive.

i don't care what pairing. i just need a set and stone plot, really. something i can work with and kind of emotional? i feel like writing something emotional, i think. :)


Mar. 22nd, 2009


this actually made me feel better haha

comment on this post and i'll give you five subjects/words i associate you with. then post this on you LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

From HelenCollapse )


From MarinaCollapse )

that is fun!! if you see this, feel free to write five things that you associate with me and i'll totally do it again. i'm bored anyways. :) also, comment and i'll give you five things i associate you with, obviously. you don't even have to elaborate on them, if you don't feel like it. if you're curious of what i'd say, you can still just ask. :P <333

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